A leading provider of eco-safe enzyme solutions


<h2>Entered in China</h2>

Entered in China

Entered into dynamic China & Taiwan market as Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.


<h2>Renamed as Advanced EnzyTech Solutions Ltd. in 2008</h2>

Renamed as Advanced EnzyTech Solutions Ltd. in 2008

Established Advanced EnzyTech Solutions Ltd. to serve to non-food industrial processing business. Filed patent on bioscouring of enzymes.


<h2>Entered in Bangladesh</h2>

Entered in Bangladesh

Entered into Bangladesh market. Launched Addscour series of products for bioscouring of cotton. Received GOTS approval for Addscour.


<h2>Pulp & Paper Processing</h2>

Pulp & Paper Processing

Started serving pulp & paper industry.


<h2>Patent Denim</h2>

Patent Denim

Patent on biobleaching and fading of indigo denims. Patent on bioscouring on cottons.


<h2>Detergents & Cleaning Aids</h2>

Detergents & Cleaning Aids

Started serving detergent industry.